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Further "Destination Eurovision" Details Revealed

France 2 today revealed more details regarding their new national final selection format "Destination Eurovision" this is the first time France are using a selection format since 2014 and the first time it has been constructed by Head Of Delegation Edurado Grassi, who took over as Head Of Delegation in 2016.

It has been revealed that France 2 received roughly 1,500 entries, and from which 18 have been selected to compete, they will be competing in two semi finals of nine songs, from which four from each semi final will advance to the final, they will be selected by a jury consisting of three French panelists (Christophe Willem, Isabelle Boulay and Amir) and head international heads of delegation which are Christer Björkman (Sweden) Nicola Caligiore (Italy) and Olga Salamakha (Belarus) from there the winner will be selected from a combination of televoting and and a jury panel, the winning entry and artist will then be France's song for Lisbon. The semi finals will be filmed ahead of time but the final will be broadcast live.

Despite the official dates not being released, we do know Destination Eurovision will be taking place in January, they have also said the competing entries shall be released in teasing snippets a few days prior to the semi finals.

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