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Eurovoxx's Eurovision Wishlist: Part 6/6

It's been almost two months since Portugal was crowned the winner of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine and many Euro-Fans are still craving for more Eurovision. To quell our need for more Eurovision, we set out to find singers from all over Europe and Australia and compile them into a wish-list for the Eurovision Song Contest. Over this six part series we will travel from Norway to Australia, from Iceland to Portugal and from Finland to Italy in search of our favourite artists from all over Europe!

Slovenia - TORUL

TORUL is the band name of our choice for Slovenia. After originally starting as a solo act made up of just Torul Torulsson - the first band member - TORUL have become an active and prominent synthpop, alterpop, indie-electro band of three and have released five albums in the past six years each with successful singles and music videos that topped the charts around Europe and Russia. The band is based in the Slovenian capital and aside from Torul Torulsson, who writes and composes the music for the band, contains the lead singer Maj Valerij, who joined in 2016, as well as Guitar and Synthesizer player Borut Torulsson. For the last five years, TORUL have been touring mostly in clubs and festivals around Europe, having appeared on stages in the United Kingdom, Germany, Serbia, Russia, Austria and many more. The band's latest album "Reset" was released in September and features their latest music video on their YouTube for the song "Monday". The song is a synth infused masterpiece with intense electro sounds and a powerful beat all combined together with the gritty and gravely vocals of Maj Valerij.

Spain - Sara Serena

Sara Serena, is a young, upcoming Spanish singer born in the 1998 in the city of Zaragoza, however is currently based in the United States. Sara has studied music since she was a child, specifically in the operatic field, however switched her focus to pop after competing in "La Voz Kids Espana", the Spanish version of "The Voice Kids". Aside from The Voice, Sara also took part in the global talent contest TV Show "Aim2Fame", where she represented Spain against 43 other countries. Sara managed to win the competition and as a result was signed to Nexar Music, who was behind the global talent contest. Nexar launched Sara's first single "Asylum" in April 2016 which went to number one on several major radio stations, an incredible feat for someone who had just began their music career. Building on the success of "Asylum", Sara has released several new songs over the past year one of them being "Chasing Dragons", her most successful song to date with almost 700,00 views. The song has a really radio-friendly feel to it, boasting all of the qualities required for a perfect pop song with Sara's wispy, light yet powerful voice taking us through the ups and downs of the song.

Sweden - Sabina Ddumba

Sabina Ddumba, is a Swedish-Ugandan singer born in the Swedish capital, Stockholm in the 1990's. Sabina first gained an interest in music when she was eight and started listening to Ugandan nursery rhymes and songs thus leading her to develop a passion in melody and phrasing. Sabina has been writing songs on and off since the age of ten and when she was fourteen she joined the Tensta Gospel Choir through which she found out that singing was her vocation. In 2012, Sabina took part in Swedish X Factor, where she reached Judges Houses, however in the following years she worked with famous artists such as Katy Perry and in 2015 she signed to Waner Music - one of the biggest record labels in the world. With her new label she released her second single "Effortless" after "Scarred For Life", which was released in 2014. Since then Sabina has released various singles in 2015, with the most successful one being "Not Too Young" which achieved seventh in the Swedish charts, as well as in 2016. One of her more recent songs "Time" is a modern pop song, infused with gospel elements showing off her preferred vocal styles - pop, soul and of course gospel.

Switzerland - 77 Bombay Street

77 Bombay Street is a Swiss folk rock musical group that was formed in 2008 in the small village of Scaharns in the Graubunden region of eastern Switzerland. The band consists for four brothers: Matt, Joe, Simri-Ramon and Esra Buchlis who collectively decided to name their group after their temporary residence in Adelaide, where they lived for two years. As of 2015, the group have released four albums, three of them in association with Gadget Records. Their first album, which was produced in 2009 was self released and led them to sign a deal with the record comapny Gadget Records. Following this, the group released the album "Up In The Sky", which is also the name of their most successful song reaching number 7 on the Swiss charts and the album number 3. The release of "Up In The Sky" made the group one of the most famous bands in Switzerland and led them to release two more albums "Oko Town" in 2012 and "Seven Mountains" in 2015 both of which reached the top of the Swiss charts. Most of 77 Bombay Street's music is very happy-go-lucky, especially their hit song "Up In The Sky" which talks about all of the good things in life accompanied by a cheerful and uplifting melody.

Turkey - Funda

Funda Kilic, also known just as Funda, is a Turkish singer born in the coastal city of Izmir, however, moved to Antwerp, Belgium when she was just 6 months old and still lives there to date. Funda was discovered in Brussels at a party organised by DJ Sahin and in 2007 joined the group "Reyting", subsequently releasing the song Birini Biraktim which was been viewed over 8 million times on YouTube. In 2011, however Funda left the group in order to pursue a solo career and released a number of songs in English in collaboration with the Belgian production company BIP records with the first one being "Stand Up" which would later be translated into Turkish. One of Funda's biggest achievements is representing Turkey at the second edition of the Turkvizyon in Kazan, Russia with the flame-ridden, uptempo, club banger "Hoppa" which earned second place in the semi final with 199 points. Following her participation at Turkvizyon, Funda released SMS, a song similar in style to "Hoppa" but with an addition of oriental and ethnic sounds and she collaborated with DJ Dogukan Manco on the song Yuzlesme, which has achieved of 40 million views on YouTube.

Ukraine - Melovin

Konstantin Bocharov, better known by his stage name Melovin or sometimes Nick Melovin, is a Ukrainian singer hailing from the south-western city of Odessa. Melovin took an interest in singing at a young age and consistantly took part in concerts, theatre productions and studied the piano at the local music school as well as acting at the theatre school. Melovin rose to fame in is home country after successfully auditioning for the X Factor Ukraine and making his way through the various stages of the competition until the final where he was crowned the winner of the show. At the end of 2016, Melovin decided to partake in the national selection for Ukraine in attempt to represent his country on home soil in the Eurovision Song Contest. Melovin participated in the third semi-final and qualified in second place for the final where he finished third place behind winners O.Torvland and TAYANNA, despite winning the public vote. To date Melovin has released a number of singles with his first one "Play This Life" coming in 2014 and his most famous one being his national final song "Wonder" - an edgy sci-fi pop number. In the same year (2016), Melovin also released the song "Na Vzlyot", which is the only song so far to have a music video. The song is a stand out in his discography featuring a catchy chorus with jazzy trumpets as well as unique and original music video.

United Kingdom - Foxes

Louisa Rose Allen, known professionally by her stage name Foxes, is a British singer, songwriter and actress whose breakthrough came in 2012 when she provided the vocals for dance producer Zedd's song "Clarity" which achieved a large amount of success all over the world. In 2013, after the success of "Clarity", Foxes began work on her first album after already having released a few singles even before "Clarity". The album which was to be called "Glorious" was eventually released in May 2014 with a few of the albums songs being released throughout the year before. "Glorious" achieved a lot of success throughout the world, especially in the United Kingdom and Ireland where it reached the top ten in the charts in the respective countries. Due to the success of her first album, Foxes stated in late 2014 that she planned to release a second album with the first songs being released as early as July 2015. The album itself "All I Need" was eventually released in February 2016 with the second song "Better Love" being released to the public a couple of months before. "Better Love" shown above, is a rousing love song about a troubled relationship which shows off Foxes delicate and ethereal vocals backed up by choir which just adds to the musical mastery of the song.

What do you think of our choices? Do you agree with them? Make sure to let us know and check out the next installment of our wishlist next week. In the meantime be sure to follow our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

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