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Portugal's Salvador Sobral Has Heart Transplant

It has been announced that Portugal's first ever Eurovision Song Contest winner Salvador Sobral, is in hospital and recovering well from undergoing a heart transplant yesterday.

The pride of Portugal, became Europe's sweetheart when he won the 2017 contest with the song "Amar Pelos Dois (Love For Both Of Us)." His emphatic win which struck the right note with the televoters and professional juries has seen him make headlines ever since.

It was fairly apparent that he was ill last year when he performed his winning song at the competition. Much publicity surrounded him, as his sister Luisa Sobral had to stand in him for him during rehearsals as he was quite unwell, indicating his health was failing.

Since becoming a hero in Portugal he has had to take a break temporarily from performing live due to is ill health. However, the announcement that he has undergone surgery, and received a new heart is certainly good news.

Surgeons at the Santa Cruz hospital, where the procedure was performed said he was, "doing well". His surgeon Miguel Abecasis told the 'Publico daily', " He was very well prepared. He is a young man who understood the difficulties of this type of procedure".

Mr Abecasis also stated that the recovery would take quite a while, but if it all went well there would be no reason why Salvador couldn't live, "a completely normal life".

Salvador has had to wait several months for a suitable donor. However, his wait came to an end yesterday, and he will hopefully now go on from strength to strength.

All the team at Eurovoxx would like to wish Salvador a speedy recovery, and hope he gets well soon.

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