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Australia's Eurovision Artist To Be Revealed On December 11th

News of various artists competing at next years Eurovision are coming in thick and fast. The next surprise announcement has come from Australia with national broadcaster SBS revealing that their next Eurovision entrant will be known on December 11th 2017.

When announced the country will be the 6th to select its artist. This comes after recent news of Austria, who have chosen their artist. Various other countries have also released details of their national finals. It was initially speculated that Australia too would offer fans a national final. However, with todays announcement this will be very unlikely.

Since debuted in the contest in 2015, Australia has chosen all its artists internally. Generally these singers have been chosen from the countries version of "Pop Idol" or "X Factor". Since joining they have had massive success, with their first 2 entries coming top 5, and Isaiah qualifying to the Grand Final this year.

Who would you like to see represent Australia? Tell us in the comments below.

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