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The 30 Entries Of A Dal Announced

Yesterday, MTVA held a press conference announcing the 30 acts which will compete in the forthcoming edition of Hungary's Eurovision selection format, A Dal.

The show will begin on January 10th and will finish February 24th, it shall also be hosted by Kriszta Rátonyi and Freddie, who represented Hungary in 2016 with the song "Pioneer" were also in attendance as the 30 acts were revealed, as well as this editions jury members who are: Misi Mezö, Judit Schell, Károly Frenreisz and Miklós Both, the 30 competing are as follows:

  • yeahla feat.Viki Eszes – “Egy szó, mint száz”

  • Andy Roll – “Turn The Lights On”

  • AWS – “Viszlát nyár”

  • Ceasefire X – “Satellites”

  • Cintia Horváth – “Journey”

  • Fourtissimo – “Kisnyuszi a kalapban”

  • Gabi Knoll – “Nobody to die for”

  • Gábor Heincz ”BIGA” – “Good vibez”

  • Gergely Dánielfy – “Azt mondtad”

  • Ham ko Ham – “Bármerre jársz”

  • Leander Kills – “Nem szól harang”

  • Living Room – “Kirakat élet”

  • Maszkura és a Tücsökraj – “Nagybetus szavak”

  • Maya ‘n’ Peti – “Nekem te”

  • Nemzenekar – “Waiting”

  • Nene zenekar – “Mese a királyról” (Tale of the King)

  • Nikoletta Szoke, Attila Kökény, Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos – “Életre kel”

  • Noémo – “Levegot”

  • Nova Prospect – “Vigyázó”

  • Peet Project – “Runaround”

  • Odett Polgár – “Aranyhal”

  • Reni Tolvai – “Everest”

  • Roland Gulyás – “Hypnotized”

  • SativuS – “Lusta lány”

  • Tamás Horváth – “Meggyfa”

  • Tamás Vastag – “Ne hagyj reményt”

  • The Matter – “Broken Palms”

  • Viktor Király – “Budapest Girl”

  • Yesyes – “I let you run away”

  • Zsolt Süle – “Zöld a május”

As mentioned in yesterday's article over 350 songs were submitted with both new and established artist/ songwriters encouraged to participate. This has led to a cull, and the top 30 being displayed above. Since 2012, Dal has been used as the selection process for Hungary's Eurovision entry. This as proven to be very successful as each entry has qualified to the Grand Final. Could one of the above songs do better and win in Lisbon next year? Let us know in the comments below.

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