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Serbia To Reveal It's National Final Artists Tomorrow.

According to the Serbian tabloid newspaper "Kurir" it has been revealed that the ex Yugoslav nation Serbia will reveal the artists who will participate in Beovizija tomorrow. The national broadcaster RTS will reveal details of the national final which will see Beovizija return after nearly ten years.

The national final is expected to take place in February 2018. No confirmation of the number of artists performing have yet been revealed, but it is rumoured to be ten. The deadline for entries has already been passed. It is the selected few entries from this song submission that will be used for the countries national final. Former Eurovision artists such as Oro (Serbia 2008) have been rumoured. However, until tomorrow, nothing will be confirmed.

The head of press and public relations for RTS Vučinić-Lučić has stated, "We want viewers to be included in the selection, and until the day of the competition, the composition of the expert jury will not be known. We are still considering whether the competition will be held.... whether it will last a day or two".

As yet the precise details will needed to be shaped. Hopefully who ever will win Beovizija will do one better that Tijana Bogićević who just narrowly missed out on the Grand Final during Eurovision 2017. Stay tuned to Eurovoxx where we will have more details tomorrow.

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