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Could Alexander Rybak Be Making A Eurovision Return?

It was only nine years ago when Europe fell in love with Alexander Rybak and his fairy tale. His romping victory gave Norway its best ever win at Eurovision, and his song became an Evergreen of the competition. If the latest rumour mill is to believed, then Europe's sweetheart is ready to come back.

According to certain Norwegian newspapers he is tipped to be one of the names that will appear in their successful national final "Norsk Melodi Grand Prix". This will come to delight many of his fans who were disappointed when he said back in 2010, that he would never compete at the competition again. Therefore, why the change of heart?

Alexander has somewhat fuelled the rumours when he spoke on Norwegian television programme "God Morgen, Norge" on TV2 after Salvador Sobral's Eurovision win, saying that he was thinking about a new attempt at the competition. He said, "If a production company that has offered me millions to represent Belarus next time in Eurovision, but I would rather do it for free for Norway. If, at all, I get on, then".

Also, in August he met with three time Eurovision winner Johnny Logan, in which he stated, "Makes me wanna go for Eurovision all over again".

The music and director for Melodi Grand Prix Stig Karlsen has stated, "It is always exciting with rumours and speculation, but I do not comment on the artist or songwriter names before publication". Stig is clearly not giving anything away. However, if the rumours are to be believed, 2018 could be the comeback year for many artists as names such as Aleksander Walmann (Norway 2017), and Stella Mwangi (Norway 2011) have also been floated about. These are all just rumours though.

What we do know is that the official list of composers and artists will be announced on January 15th 2018. Melodi Grand Prix 2018 will take place in Oslo Spektrum on March 10th 2018, with the presenters being Silya Nymoen and Kåre Magnus Bergh . 10 songs will compete for the honour of representing Norway at Lisbon in 2018.

Would you like to see Alexander Rybak back? Who would you like to see represent Norway at next years Eurovision. Let us know in the comments below.

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