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Supernova 2018 Acts Announced

LTV today have announced the acts which have advanced to the live shows of Supernova, out of the 63 that were originally shortlisted, only one third of them shall perform on the Supernova stage, which will take place during the month of February.

The initial 63 were released to the public back in October, with listeners giving their opinions on the songs with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down, LTV then took all this data and made their first cut, 30 of the 63 advanced to the next stage where they had to perform their entry live, either acapella or acoustic to a jury, this was to highlight and showcase the artists voices, from there the 21 acts advancing to Supernova have been selected, the 21 acts are:

Agnese Stengrevics - "You Are My World"

DVINES - "More Than Meets The Eye"

Ed Rallidae - "What I Had With You"

Edgars Kreilis - "Younger Days" Hypnotic - "Pray"

In My Head - "Sunset"

Jenny May - "Soledad"

Katrina Gupalo & The Black Birds - "Intoxicating Caramel"

Katrine Lukins - "Running Red Lights"

Kris & Oz - "Morning Flight"

Laura Rizzotto - "Funny Girl"

Lauris Valters - "Lovers Bliss"

Liene Greifane - "Walk The Talk"

MADARA - "Esamība"

Markus Riva - "This Time"

MIONIA - "You"

Rahu The Fool - "Oh Longriver"

Riga Reggae - "Stop The War U2"

Ritvars - "Who's Counting?"

Sudden Lights - "Just Fine"

Although the full format for this edition of Supernova has not been officially released as of yet this these 21 acts will all perform. In recent years the top two of each heat and semi final with the public advanced and then the jury members select another two to join them. LTV also revealed the jury were unaimous in bringing through 10 of the 21 entries above, the other 11 caused split decisions and therefore further discussions.

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