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"Operación Triunfo 2017", the substitute of "Objetivo Eurovisión"

After some months without news from the next representative of Spain in Lisbon, RTVE decided announce on Monday in the show "Opetación Triunfo" (OT 2017), that the singer who will sing for Spain on the stage of Eurovision Song contest 2018, in the capital of Portugal, will be one of the participants of this amazing TV show.

After the bad events in the selection of 2017, RTVE, the spanish broadcaster, decided back to one of the old forms that they used for sent the entry in 2002 with Rosa ("Europe's Living a Celebration"), who ended 7th in the final, 2003 with Beth ("Dime"), that ended in 8th place and 2004 with Ramón ("Para Llenarme de Tí"), getting a 10th place.

RTVE didn't say yet how they will decide the singer who will be in Lisbon, but right now, six of the participants of OT 2017 sounds like the favorites of the people for represent Spain next year in Portugal:

- Amaia, with only 18 years is the participant more sound for go to Lisbon and for win OT 2017. She was the favorite of the public three times.

- Alfred, 20 years, is other of the most favorites. He was two times the favorite of the public, and is one of the names who sounds for represent Spain in 2018.

- Aitana, with only 18 years, like Amaia. She started to be the favorite of the piblic since the first day of OT 2017.

- Agoney, 22 years. He was since the beginning of the contest the favorite for win this edition,and with Amaia, was the favorite to represent Spain in Eurovision Song contest 2018 before know that one of the participants of OT will represent Spain in Lisbon. When RTVE said that one of the participants will be in ESC, he was so happy, because is fan of the contest.

- Raoul, 20 years, is one of the favorites for go to Lisbon, and like Agoney, is a big fan of Eurovision Song contest.

- Nerea, with only 18 years started to be one of the favorites for go to Portugal next year thanks to her version of "Quédate Conmigo", the song who Pastora Soler sang in Bakú in the Gran Final of Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, getting a great 10th place. (You can see the version of Nerea at the end of this article)

After more than 10 years, RTVE decided return to this type of selection that had a great results in 2002, 2003 and 2004 in the Gran Final of Eurovision Song contest, getting Top 10 in the three consecutive years. Will be possible that Spain has a Top 10 in the Gran Final in lisbon? Will be possible Spain win in 2018 and have another edition of our favorite contest in the Iberian Peninsula? What do you think? Write us in the coments!

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