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Naviband Are Expecting Their First Child

They were the duo that lit up the stage in Kyiv. Naviband who brought a real uplifting spirit, and energy to the contest in 2017 have announced that they are expecting a baby in the Summer of 2018. Ksenia Zhuk and Artyom Lukyanenko can add being parents to the list of their successes. The cute couple that turned heads in Ukraine, will now be turning heads in the maternity ward.

They told local press that they were not sure if it was a boy or girl. However, they intend for their child to continue with their musical heritage and want a real "creative atmosphere" and want to take the child to their concerts and rehearsals.

The very traditional Belarussian artists said, "We still haven't come up with a name for the baby... but certainly it will have a truly Belarussian name". They do not mind if the baby is a girl or boy but insists he or she will be independent and go to a school in Belarus.

They found out they were going to be parents earlier in the year whilst recording their album in the studio around September time. The child will be a welcome addition to their family.

Team Eurovoxx would like to congratulate Ksenia Zhuk and Artyom Lukyanenko on their wonderful and joyous news. Relive Naviband's moment below:

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