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Hungary| Dal 2018 Artists Revealed Tomorrow

The national broadcaster for Hungary MTVA will announce tomorrow the 30 acts that will compete in their national final DAL 2018. The names will be announced in a live press conference which will be held in the nations capital of Budapest.

It has been previously announced that the television network had received around 350 entries wanting to perform in DAL 2018. This number is consistent with other years, and does not show a decline in interest in the competition. Tomorrow MTVA will reveal who the jury have chosen in the competition, which has seen established and new artists were encouraged to take part.

DAL 2018 will consist of two semi finals that will begin on the 20th January 2018, culminating in the Grand Final to be held on 24th February 2018. The winner will have the honour of representing Hungary in Lisbon. There will also be a further two awards given out for "Best Lyrics" and "New Talent".

Since the introduction of this style of national final in 2012, Hungary have successfully qualified every year since, with Joci Papai's entry "Origo" achieving a first top ten finish since 2014.

Who would you like to see in the shortlist tomorrow? Stay tuned to find out.

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