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Eurovision 2018 Stage Revealed

This morning have revealed a first look of the how the stage will look in 2018 as Lisbon will host the contest in Altice Arena.

RTP and Portugal seem to be wasting no time in giving people what they want this year in their first year of hosting the contest! We have the dates, we have the venue and some fans already have tickets! And now we the structure of the stage the 43 acts will be performing on to win the votes of the jury and public to walk away as the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 winner.

The stage was designed by German designer Florian Wieder, this is his 5th Eurovision stage and has designed every stage design this decade for every contest which has taken place outside of Scandinavian countries, a theme which has been peaked up on his stage designs are that the stage floor often are a circular design, (2011, 2015 & 2017)

The reference and inspiration of the stage design linking to the four main connections of Portugal culture and history - The Maps, The Sea, the Ships and Navigation. This seems to be keeping within the theme of Portugal's concept for the contest and the official logos and artwork of "All Abroad" and all the 13 logos being used all reference the history of Portugal and their coastal connection.

So we have a stage design! What are you thinking of it? We can wait to see what some nations will do will this stage and LED wall at their disposal

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