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Belarus Launches It's Eurovision 2018 Selection.

The next country to announce the format to chose its next Eurovision participant is Belarus. The national broadcaster BTRC has now officially opened its submission process for those who wish to be the countries next Eurovision star.

Artists only have several weeks to submit their entry, with the closing deadline for applications being the 26th December 2017. Both Belarussian and those from outside Belarus are able to participate and have to send their entries to the BTRC application page.

To find a suitable entry the broadcaster will have two selection processes. The first will be a live audition round, where acts will perform in front of a selected jury. This jury will then chose around 15 entries to proceed to the next stage. The lucky artists who qualify for the next stage will be announced by January 14th 2017.

The remaining acts will take part in a national final. Although a date has not yet been provided, it is expected that it will take place before March 1st 2018. Just like the Eurovision, a winner will be decided based on 50% televoting , and 50% by the professional jury. If there is a tie, the televote will decide who will be the next artist to represent Belarus.

Last year Naviband qualified for the Grand Final finishing 17th with 83 points, can the next representative emulate this result. Stay tuned to find out.

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