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Eurovision Tickets Sold Out In Minutes!! Are Fans Getting Exploited?

Today was the day that many Eurovision fans had been eager for. The first batch of Eurovision tickets had gone on sale, and were sold out in a matter of minutes, If you took the day off to get them, better luck next time. According to the official website, only 30% of the tickets went on sale today. With up to 35,000 people in the queue, it is very unlikely that you would have got some.

As expected the tickets went fast, there is still 70% of tickets remaining for the Grand Final. You will need to be quick and get yourself high up in the queue if you want to try and secure some. These tickets will be released on Wednesday December 20th 2018. After this, various tickets for rehearsals and the semi finals will be released at a later date.

Is It Fair That External Websites Are Exploiting And Ripping Fans Off?

Within minutes of these tickets being released and sold out, it has been noted by many fans including some at Eurovoxx that these external websites such as Viagogo, and other ticket tout sharks had managed to get their hands on them, and are selling them for an extortionate price. In some cases nearly 3 times as much as from the official

The ticket vendors such as Viagogo have managed to secure tickets for every section, leading to the question, "Of the tickets being released today how many did these websites get"? When you combine other charges from these sites, you will find a single standing ticket which costs €120, will cost you a staggering € 560.

The EBU have advised people to buy tickets from the official vendor which is Eurovoxx would echo these sentiments to its readers. Paying these extortionate prices will only encourage these websites to rip off fans who are eager to see the show that they love. Can the EBU do anything to stop or prevent this happening? Regardless there will be another chance to see your favourite music show in Lisbon on Wednesday 20th December 2018. Stay tuned for further information.

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