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Could Rodrigo Alves Be Poised To Host The Eurovision Song Contest?

It has been announced today by British newspaper the "Daily Mail", that the man dubbed the "human Ken doll", Rodrigo Alves is in talks with RTP to co-host the next Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon 2018.

The 34 year old Brazilian who has become famous for his love of plastic surgery which has seen himself trying to transform into the "human ken doll", could see him land his dream job if the MailOnline sources are correct.

The unnamed source has told the newspaper that his fame along with the fact he can speak five languages which include Portuguese, Spanish, French, English and German, would make him the perfect candidate for the job.

The flamboyant star is also known for his love of fashion, and can always be seen sporting a very colourful wardrobe. This along with his unique look could certainly make him one of the more memorable presenters.

It has been said that bosses for the show according to the "Daily Mail" see him as the "Perfect Fit". His rising portfolio has seen him become famous in many countries. He has starred in many reality programmes, and his 59 cosmetic procedures make him instantly recognisable.

Eurovoxx would like to add that this is just conjecture at the moment, and nothing has been officially released.

Do you think Rodrigo would become a good host, and bring something different to Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below.


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