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Eurovoxx Talks To Nicole Nicolaou From Cyprus

Tomorrow the Grand Final of the Junior Eurovision will be aired, and we will know who will be the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017. They have had their rehearsals, performed for the jury vote this evening, and all over Europe people are voting in an online poll to chose their winner. Our girl Jessica is in Tiblisi for Eurovoxx and covering the event. Today she had the great pleasure of interviewing the Cypriot representative Nicole Nicolaou . The singer will perform her song "I Wanna Be A Star", and hopes that "this star" will be hit with the voters. Dressed in a red jacket and white t-shirt saying "Cyprus", Nicole was very energetic, and gladly answered Jess' questions. Can she give the Mediterranean island its first junior win? Check the interview below:

"I think it has been an amazing day" is how Nicole started the interview. "We had our rehearsals today and they were great" she told Jessica. She seemed very excited for the Grand Final tomorrow [ and was very vocal about this.

Of the whole experience in Georgia she said, "I think it has been fun so far... I love Georgia, I love the place, and enjoy it very much".

Of the song Nicole agreed with Jess that it is very up-tempo and high beat, and she admitted it was "catchy". Eurovoxx certainly agrees there. Before she was chosen Nicole said that she could not dance, so it was very hard for her to learn the moves. "The more I did my dance moves.... practice makes perfect". We agree.

The Cypriot representative wanted to give a bright and colourful performance. "Fun, light, colourful" is how it should be. After Junior Eurovision, the artist intends to continue singing. However, she is very academic and is considering being a chemist. Could it be Dr Nicole in the future?

A magnificent voice, she brightened up our day, and is certain to be the "next star". Good Luck Cyprus !!!

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