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Eurovoxx Talks To Mina Blazev From F.Y.R. Macedonia

Tomorrow the Grand Final of the Junior Eurovision will be aired, and we will know the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017. They have had their rehearsals, performed for the jury vote this evening, and all over Europe people are voting in an online poll to chose their winner. Our girl Jessica is in Tiblisi for Eurovoxx and covering the event. Yesterday she had the great pleasure of interviewing the Macedonian representative Mina Blazev. The singer will perform her song "Dancing Through Life", and hopes that she will be hit with the voters. Dressed in a grey top, Mina was very friendly, and gladly answered Jess' questions. Can she give Macedonia their first ever junior win? Check the interview below:

Very confidently when asked about her second rehearsal Mina said, "It was pretty well, it was better than the first one... we have changed a few things... the staging and lighting, it's going to be even better on the final one".

Mina has a positive energy, and when up on the stage it will be the first time she has performed on "that kind of stage". She had done several contests but admits Junior Eurovision is something different. "I think that everyone knows about Junior Eurovision, so it is a hard thing that I am representing my country... but I love it".

When asked how she feels representing Macedonia, Mina added, "It's a hard job because I am supposed to give all of my energy, all that I can. I am going to represent my country and myself in a good way".

Mina Blazev told us that she loves travelling, and that is why she loves Georgia. "Tiblisi is so gorgeous ... what I have seen is it's big I would love to live here, it's pretty cool".

Junior Eurovision is the biggest thing she has done, and for the future she would love to be a famous singer and go to America.

Mina watches the adult Eurovision too and chose Kristian Kostov's song "Beautiful Mess" as the song to sing. She sang a snippet, and pleased us all. This girl can sing!!

Team Eurovoxx would like to wish F.Y.R Macedonia all the very best for the Final. Good luck!!!

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