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Eurovoxx Talks To Mariana Venâncio From Portugal

Tomorrow the Grand Final of the Junior Eurovision will be aired, and we will know who the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will be. They have had their rehearsals, performed for the jury vote this evening, and all over Europe people are voting in an online poll to chose their winner. Our girl Jessica is in Tiblisi for Eurovoxx and covering the event. Today she had the great pleasure of interviewing the Portuguese representative Mariana Venâncio . The singer will perform her song "Youtuber", and hopes that a first Junior Portuguese in ten years will be hit with the voters. Dressed in a black leather jacket, and very smiley she gladly answered Jess' questions. Can she emulate Salvador with a junior win? Check the interview below:

Mariana was such a cutie pie. She was so happy and pleased to talk to us. When asked how she was feeling, Marianna told us that she was very happy. The Portuguese representative told Jess that when she will be on stage, "I will be very excited".

Of the song "Youtuber", She told us that "I like one person, but that person doesn't like me, so I'm going to be a Youtuber, so he can like my video, and like and comment and like me". For such a young person she has a very mature attitude. As Jess stated, "It is a very interesting message".

In real life Ms Venâncio is a fan of YouTube and uploads videos of herself. Marianna told us that she was nervous of the Jury performance tonight. We believe she will just do fine.

To end the interview she sang a snippet of her song. We were delighted with this fantastic voice, and believe it could do well. Good Luck Portugal!!!

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