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Eurovoxx Talks To Grigol Kipshidze From Georgia

Tomorrow the Grand Final of the Junior Eurovision will be aired, and we will know who the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will be. They have had their rehearsals, performed for the jury vote this evening, and all over Europe people are voting in an online poll to chose their winner. Our girl Jessica is in Tiblisi for Eurovoxx and covering the event. Today she had the great pleasure of interviewing the Georgian representative Grigol Kipshidze. The singer will perform his song "Voice Of The Heart", to a home crowd, and hopes that he will be hit with the voters. Dressed all in white, very relaxed and smiley he gladly answered Jess' questions. Check out the interview below:

When asked how he was feeling, he gave Jess the biggest smile and said he was good, however he did admit to being very nervous. This is understandable considering the pressure of the contest on such young shoulders. He told our girl in Tiblisi that it was the biggest thing that he had done in his life. When asked how it felt to be representing his country he said, "I'm proud, and it's such a great honour". When he found out he would be singing for his country he admitted that, "I was so happy, and excited but also a great responsibility."

Grigol has made many friends in the competition, and when asked how he would react if he won Junior Eurovision, he gave Jessica a very large smile, and became very giggly at the prospect. He admitted to also watching the adult version of the show and liking many of the songs.

He couldn't chose a favourite song to sing for us, as he liked so many. However, he impressed us by singing a snippet of his song and told us the song was about, "the treatment of the earth is like a child, and we should be more careful of the planet". We agree with Jess that it's a good message and we will Grigol and Georgia all the best for tomorrows competition.

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