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Michal Szpak releases new single 'Don't Poison Your Heart'

New single 'Don't Poison Your Heart' by Michal Szpak, released November 22nd, 2017 under record label Sony Poland has already proven to be a success. Only a day after its release, the audio clip posted on YouTube has 69.5k views, while the song has been streamed 1,716 times on Spotify. Check out his song here:

The album art features a black and white photo of Szpak, accurately representing the mood of the song. The alternative/punk melody supporting the uplifting lyrics show versatility in Szpak's writing style. Splitting from his general pop songs, Szpak uses this new style to reinforce the positive message of the song.

The lyrics are directed to the audience, telling us that, despite the bad things we have done, "we can change this place". Szpak reminds the audience, "Don't poison your heart", reflecting the guilt we feel for bad things we have done. Sending the message that it's OK to make mistakes and reflect on them, Michal also reminds us, and himself, that we must not hold onto the dark past, and that we "will feel this magical life", possibly referring to the good things we do for ourselves and for others.

Michal Szpak continues to let his audience know that good will come from bad, and when we struggle to differentiate between the truth and the fake that people feed us, we must "Tell them the way" and "don't let them enter your head". Repeating "What is true? What is fake?" before adding, "Brothers and sisters we can change this way" sends the feeling of empowerment, reminding us all that we have full control of our lives, and we must do what's best for us.

The relatable message, sense of unity (referring to listeners as "brothers and sisters"), and the catchy melody is nothing less than what was expected from Szpak following his last release, the single 'Tic Tac Clock' from his album Byle Byc Soba. Releasing an Alternative/Punk/Rock single after a Pop single is a risky move that wouldn't succeed with many artists, however Szpak's obvious diversity in talent and dedicated fans to support this have proven to be an accomplishment, satisfying the high expectations of everyone who was patiently waiting for Szpak's next move.

The bar has been set even higher for Michal Szpak's next release, and I am extremely confident that, as usual, no one will be disappointed by what's to come next. With speculation that Michal will be taking this song to Eurovision Song Contest 2018 to represent Poland, it would come as no surprise to me that it will continue to succeed.

The music video for 'Don't Poison Your Heart' premiers November 24th, 2017.

Would you like to see Michal Szpak at Eurovision again? Let us know what you think!

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