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Karl William Lund & Emma Amongst San Marino Candidates

Since November 1st, SMRTV have been receiving applications for their "revolutionary" new selection tactic 1in360 which allows anyone and everyone in the world to enter and potentially become the San Marino act for 2018, and in the latest wave of entries to be uploaded to the site, You Decide 2016 Finalist Karl William Lund and UMK 2017 Finalist are amongst them.

Despite the selection initially being duped and people submitted established acts as fake entries, one of which being Poland's Margaret, both these submissions are genuine as both acts have taken to their respective social medias to promote their entry and desire to the be the next San Marino act, Karl, who we spoke with back in August at EuroStarz said he submitted a song as a songwriter in 2017 to various nations including neighbouring Ireland, and when asked if he would try again in 2018, despite giving a "Maybe" as his answer did say he had a catalogue of songs he had yet to decide to keep for himself or pass onto other acts, since You Decide in 2016 he has released his first album titled "Oracle" and has worked on two songs which will feature on Poland 2010 act Martin Fitch's forthcoming album.

UMK Finalist Emma has also thrown her hat into the ring, she was a heavy favourite to win UMK 2017 entry "Circle Of Light" but after a technical fault riddled performance she only walked away with 3rd place, she recently opened up how comments and opinions of that performance led her to depression and upset, citing many opportunities and possibilities to further her singing career had evaporated after UMK, and had not heard back from UMK for being an artist in their 2018 selection, since the video was released Finnish broadcaster YLE have announced Saara Aalto will represent Finland in Eurovision 2018.

So would like to see Karl William Lund or Emma in Eurovision in Lisbon? Let us know your thoughts and you can see Karl and Emma's videos in the 1in360 selection at and send them a vote!

#SanMarino #1in360

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