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JESC 2017 | Day 1: first rehearsals - part 1

Today marks the start of the rehearsals for Junior Eurovision 2017. Press from all over Europe have gathered at the Olympic Palace in Tbilisi in preparation for the rehearsals. A total of 8 countries will take to the stage today for their first rehearsal.

Up first was 10 year old Ana Kodra from Albania. Standing alone on stage, wearing a big and beautiful baby blue dress, she impressed everyone with her strong vocals. The back drop, complete with an animated tree on an LED screen ties in with the theme of her song very well, as does the design of her dress. Ana appeared to be confident on stage as she rattled through her song with seemingly no problems.

Next on stage was Misha from Armenia and he brought with him a rather familiar prop! Dressed in a brown and black suit, Misha can be seen riding around the stage on a boomerang-hoverboard, much like Dunja and Alexander from Junior Eurovision 2016 (minus the boomerang!). As the rehearsals went on, Misha went from strength to strength and he showed off a rather impressive set of lungs!

P.S. don't forget to watch out for a throw of his boomerang into the audience!

The third act on stage was Isabella Clarke from Australia and she was definitely ready to "Speak Up!" Shining Bright in a sparkly silver catsuit, she and her dancers appeared very confident and owned the stage as they gave a powerful performance of the song. We also see the flashcards from the official video make an appearance on stage too. It is a very lively song and performance that we're sure will get the audience on their feet!

Helena Meraai from Belarus was next up. Helena got off to a bit of a shaky start after having problems with her in-ear peices, but once that was all sorted, she was off! Standing on a sparkling circular platform, a la Federica Falzon, she is wearing a striking black and silver outfit with a pink cape that she uses to her advantage during the performance. Once again, she appeared confident on stage and impressed everyone with her strong vocals.

Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!

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