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AISEL Announced As Azeri Representative

We love a surprise announcement here, and the Land Of Fire, Azerbaijan has provided us with just that. Less than 24 hours after Finland announced Saara Aalto will be representing the Nordic nation, Azerbaijan, seemingly with no prior warning or fanfare announced that jazz singer AISEL will be flying the flag for Azerbaijan in Lisbon.

It was announced this morning on Azeri television that Aysel Mamadova, but goes by the stage name AISEL, will represent them in Lisbon, the singer, 28 was born and grew up in the nations capital Baku, is lised as a jazz and progressive style singer who has performed at many festivals throughout the country, her first appearance dating back to 2005.

AISEL will be the eleventh act to represent Azerbaijan and the third female soloist in succession for the nation, they are one of only two nations to have never failed to qualify from the semi finals at Eurovision, no news was given as to when her song will be announced and released, last year Dihaj's entry "Skeletons" was one of the last to be revealed, being announced on March 11th, despite being announced as the Azeri artist in December.

So is AISEL is heading to Lisbon! What are your thoughts? Click below to listen to her latest single "Dilbərin Ariyası"

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