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Hard To Come By. The Netherlands Struggling For Lisbon Act

In recent years The Netherlands have shot up in peoples estimations and expectations in Eurovision, sending consistent acts with already established careers seeming to be the catalyst behind it all, but the Dutch nation have a nervous time ahead it seems.

After AVROTROS announced they are planning to select and announce their artist for Lisbon within the month, meaning we should have an official name by November, it has also been reported that they have been struggling to find an act to send to Lisbon.

Back in the summer time Romy Monteiro was reportedly approached by AVROTROS to be the Dutch entry for 2018 but has turned down the offer, other big Eurovision fan favourite Dotan has also ruled himself out of contention of being the next act. And most recently, The Voice Holland 2016 winner Maan de Steenwinkel has been a possibility, but she herself has confessed it is too early for Eurovision and therefore will not be competing in 2018.

However there are a few names which could represent and have not officially been cast aside, first and foremost Eva Simons, the 33 year - old has been active in the music scene since 2004 but released her first solo single "Silly Boy" back in 2009, she has since worked with top acts and DJs such as Arfojack and and world charting success teaming up with back in 2012 on the track "This Is Love"

Jazz swing pop diva Caro Emerald is another name which circles in the Dutch Eurovision mill every year, her unique blend of old time swing with a distinct pop and infectious backing tracks make her music a delight to listen, she has had two chart topping albums also in 2010 and 2013 respectively.

Final name is a name people of the UK may recognise from her recent stint on The X Factor UK - Berget Lewis, despite only recently appearing on screens in the UK, before being eliminated at Judges Houses alongside Eurovision 2017 participant Slavko, she has tried her hand at Eurovision before, entering rhe 2003 national selection as part of the duo Lewis & Simon, although she fell at the semi finals that time, she has since gone on to perform around the Netherlands and have a career, whilst on the X Factor she stated she entered to expand her music and career outside The Netherlands, safe to Eurovision is one way to expand yourself to a bigger audience!

So, who do you want to represent The Netherlands in Lisbon? Will any of our suggested trio be there themselves? Let us know your thoughts!

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