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Amen! The Fizz release video for second single!!

In 1981, they stormed to Eurovision victory with Making Your Mind Up, resulting in a surge in the sale of Velcro, and the launch of a successful career that saw them go on to become one of the biggest British bands of the 80s with huge pop hits such as The Land Of Make Believe, My Camera Never Lies and New Beginning (Mamba Seyra) to name but a few...

Whilst the story of Bucks Fizz has been publicly filled with drama, fallouts, breakups and makeups, Cheryl Baker, Jay Aston and Mike Nolan have in recent years been joined by new member Bobby McVay (who you may recognise as a fellow Eurovision graduate - performing as part of Sweet Dreams in 1983).

Now with a new name - The Fizz - the band recently released their first studio album in nearly 30 years, and to much acclaim. The F-Z of Pop saw the group take on the skills of writer and producer Mike Stock, and it worked!

First single Dancing In The Rain was a radio hit, having been play-listed on BBC Radio 2, and a video that has received over 85,000 views on YouTube - the group displayed a fresh new pop sound, and showed that they meant business. Following this, the album made it into the UK album charts at number 25 and their music has now found a new generation of listeners.

It has been proven that there is still a lot of love for this band, so fans will be thrilled that they have released the video to their second single Amen. A song that sees Cheryl take on lead vocals, the song builds on the new sound, albeit in a slightly more sombre offering than that of Dancing In The Rain. Amen is laden with subtle beats and a powerful chorus, and is definitely one of the strongest offerings from the album. Accompany that with another slickly produced video, and this is sure to become another fan favourite.

You can watch the new video here...

All in all - we are as happy as anyone to see the return of such a fundamental piece in the history of British pop music, and have our fingers crossed for a swift follow up album!

What do you think of their return? Should they have done it sooner? What do you think of the new single? Let us know in the comments below...



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