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UMK Acts Revealed November 7th

YLE, the broadcaster in charge of Eurovision for Finland has today revealed they will be revealing the acts through to the national selection, UMK on November 7th.

The press event will begin at 12pm CET, they however did not announce how many acts will be announced or the format of the show, so we are still in the dark, of when the show, or shows will take place or if they are having a straight final, like in 2017 or bringing back the semi finals. It was however announced that the press event will be hosted by 2013 act and two time UMK host Krista Siegfrids and Finland's commentator in 2016 and 2017 - Mikko Silvennoinen.

The press event can be followed on the day through many outlets, either on their live stream at: yle.fl/umk or also on Facebook, or YouTube, they also have launched the hashtag #UMK18 where the event can be followed on social media using the hashtag, or simple use it to have your voice heard on the acts and - if we get them, the songs!

Mikko and Krista have confirmed that they have not yet heard the competing entries, last year UMK put out a video of Krista listening to the 10 songs for the first time, the day before they were announced to the public, they have expressed however to have songs entered and performed without Eurovision in mind, citing Frans' "If I Were Sorry" success outside the contest as a marker and example.

The winner of UMK 2018 will go on and represent Finland in Eurovision Song Contest 2018 hosted in Lisbon, they will hoping to take Finland back to the final for the first time since 2014 when Softengine qualified with their entry "Something Better"

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