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Online Vote For Supernova Hopefuls Opens

It is officially national final season! October 18th, LTV released the full songs of the 63 songs still in contention to represent Latvia in Eurovision Song Contest 2018, and giving the online listeners the power to vote for their favourite songs also!

63 songs remain in the running and in this first phase anyone who listens to the songs which are available at will have a voice in the Latvian selection and it couldn't be simpler. When you go to the site, it shall simply ask for a social media log in or some kind, and then well ask you to simply vote thumbs up or thumbs down on each entry, in the interest of fairness however, the public have only been giving the song titles to the entries, so no one knows who is listening to what artist, this is to keep the vote fair and stop any influencing of support or votes. However people have already found out Markus RIva - who placed second behind Aminata in Supernova 2015, has two entries in this selection, mainly being picked out for his distinctive vocals. If successful this will Markus Riva's fifth successive national selection appearance, dating as far back as 2014, Markus has also been hosting the first series of The X Factor in Latvia this year.

As per tradition with Supernova it seems, the entries up for discussion are a extremely varied and diverse collection, ranging from rock to rap, tropical house to big band jazz, Supernova seems to have every genre ticked off the list, if every genre will advance to the live shows is left to be seems and unlikely, but the songs will now be played to a jury panel who will select the acts to advance. No fixed number has been given as to how many will advance to the live semi finals, but the jury will meet on November 5th to make their decision.

So if you want to help Latvia in their search for an entry for Lisbon 2018, you have until October 29th to have your voice heard! The online vote will be taken into consideration when they decide the final cut. But who are your favourites? Who are you wanting to see advance to the live shows? Let us know!

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