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SMRTV Confirms Eurovision 2018 Participation.

The national broadcaster for San Marino have confirmed today that they will be performing in next years Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon 2018. Despite failing to qualify last year, the micro state have delighted many Eurovision fans by saying that they will be joining the party in May.

No exact details have been given as to how they will chose the representative, or who will have the honour of representing the Sammarinese island. However, they have teased the eager press and fans by saying that they will be opting for a revolutionary format in order to select its artist. Could Valentina Monetta be present for a fifth time? It has been hinted that there may be a digital online national final.

Spain have used the media in order to help select an artist in the past where YouTube viewers voted on who they wanted to gain a national final place. Could San Marino be going this way?

Today's announcement comes in stark contrast to May of this year, where the country failed yet again to qualify for the grand final in Kyiv. The Director General in a press statement said that, "There is no place for micro-states in the Eurovision Song Contest". Hence casting doubt for next years participation. We are pleased to say that they are.

Relive San Marino's Eurovision 2017 participation here:

San Marino first debuted at the contest in 2008 and since then, they have only qualified once in 2014 with Valentina Monetta's song, "Maybe". Next year will mark ten years since their first participation. Stay tuned for further information.

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