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"Pas d'anglais autorisé" Further Details of French National Selection Revealed

France Televisions have revealed details their new national selection format they are using to select their 2018 artist and song, this will be the first time since 2014 France will be using a national final selection format, and the first time under Head Of Delegation Eduardo Grassi, since he took over the role in 2016.

Firstly the national selection know has an official name and title to go by - Destination Eurovision, they also revealed it will be hosted by singer Garou, who has been a judge on The Voice in France spanning from 2011 to 2016, the selection will be drawn out over a number of shows, we've it been announced a few weeks beforehand the idea was to have two semi finals and a final show. Around 15 songs will be selected for the national selection, split over the two heats, the heats will be pre-recorded and a panel of judges will select those who advance to the final, the final itself will be broadcast live and the jury vote will be combined with the addition of a televote, concluding the final winner and therefore France's entry for 2018

Also it has been announced that should the winning be in French, that no English lyrics will be added a later date, essentially, the songs being performed on the night of the national selection are the songs for Eurovision will no chance of editing (similar to the Icelandic format) if this does happen it will be the first time since 2015 their entry will be solely in French, despite the drastically improved rankings Amir and Alma brought France in 2016 and 2017 respectively, when their songs were released - or in Alma's case, revamped to include an English chorus, the delegation received a lot of backlash from the French and European fans alike for scrapping part of their language in favour to include some English.

So that's all we have on France so far, we are still awaiting for the dates of the national selection to be revealed, however we do know the final will take place in January, what do you think of France's new project? Will a national final provide them better results than their previous internal selections? Let us know!

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