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Abba's Benny Andersson Is Turned Off By Eurovision

He may have been once part of the world famous Eurovision winning group Abba, but in a recent interview Benny Andersson has talked, and given his insight into what he thinks of the Eurovision Song Contest. He once sang, "Thank You For the Music", but when it comes to the contest it clearly is a "No Thank You", and Benny has revealed that he is not really keen on it.

Abba won back in 1974, and since then spawned a massive global career which still touches and influences many today. Even now they are revered to be one of Eurovision's biggest success', but songwriter and pianist Andersson in a recent interview explained that he was tired or how long the competition is. "I look at it reluctantly it's all a little bit to much for me".

He added that, "It is to long and there are to many countries", which is complete contrast to the fourteen that appeared in Brighton that year when Abba won the crown. He was a bit more complementary when it came to the production value, and said, "As a TV show, it is good, but as a music show...? It's not good, if you ask me". This opinion reflecting that of Salvador Sobral who claimed it was "Fast Food Music".

He believes that the only way to make the song competition for authentic and real again, would be to change the language rule. He doesn't like the idea that the majority of nations do not sing in their native tongue. " I find it a pity, though, that not all the acts sing in their own country's language... There should be a return to that".

However, if you look back at Abba's winning performance, wasn't that sung in English, and not the native Swedish? Which begs the question would "Waterloo" have won if it was sung in Swedish? We can only presume, but it clear that Benny does not like the way in which Eurovision is heading. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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