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JESC 2017 | It's Mariana Venâncio for Portugal!

Mariana Venâncio has been chosen as the Portuguese representative in the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Tbilisi, Georgia.

A total of 5 singers competed in Festival da Canção Júnior. They all sang the same song, "Youtuber" as well as a cover version of a song of their choice. The winner was decided by 50% televote, 50% jury vote. The final results were:

1. Mariana Venâncio - 9 points (4 jury, 5 televote)

2. Filipa Fereira - 9 points (5 jury, 4 televote)

3. Matilde Leite - 5 points (3 jury, 2 televote)

4. Margarida Lima - 5 points (2 jury, 3 televote)

5. Duarte Valença - 2 points (1 jury, 1 televote)

Mariana Venâncio will be the third act to sing for Portugal in Junior Eurovision and she is the first girl to sing for Portugal. What do you think of the song?

#junioreurovision2017 #JESC2017 #Georgia #Portugal

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