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Feel Alive! Israel Confirm Eurovision 2018 Participation!

October 3, 2017

Their Eurovision status and future seemed extremely uncertainly following the climax of Eurovision 2017, but Israel have in fact confirmed they will be taking part in Eurovision 2018, and with a new broadcaster as well. 



 IBA, the old broadcaster for Israel closed down in May 2017, with Eurovision being one of the last shows it broadcasted and was replaced by IPBC, but as it was a new broadcaster in place, they had to apply to await for EBU membership to allow participation, but despite their status still in pending, the EBU have granted them access to participate in Lisbon. 


Israel have also confirmed the show "Rising Star" will be used once again to select their entry for Eurovision, Israel have switched to using the show as their artist selection since 2015, which after a string of non-qualifications, the show has brought them success with all of their acts being selected from the show format advancing to the final with Nadav Guedj, Hovi Star and Imri Ziv respectively. 


In 2017 Israel were represented by Imri Ziv and the song "I'm Alive" who despite placing 3rd in the semi final, opened the grand final and placed a low 23rd on the Saturday night, their lowest finish in a final since 2006.


So how do you feel about Israel being granted entry to Eurovision? How do you feel about them bringing Rising Star back as their selection format? Let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comments! 




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