Nathan Trent Returns With "Good Vibes"

Austria 2017 representative Nathan Trent has certainly had a busy few months! Since his 16th placed finish in Kyiv he has brought not one but TWO language covers of his entry "Running On Air" as well as a cover of Kygo's "Stargazing" but finally has released a stand alone follow single and it is titled "Good Vibes"

Good Vibes is Nathan's third single, following on from his debut single "Like It Is" released in June 2016 and "Running On Air" the song itself has a distinct summer tropical sound, with the opening bars very similar to that of a steel pan, Nathan in the past has expressed he grew up hearing a lot of R&B artists being played in his home and influenced his style in music and this is very telling in "Good Vibes" it rides a very steady mid-tempo current in the verses before a more prominent and tropical instrumental hook, although not 100 percent sure what instruments and samples are taken and used for the song it certainly is a song which transports you to a beach or a pool feeling, perfect for the autumnal weather rolling in through the next few weeks. Again similar to Like It Is, its a song you can happily dance and bop along to, weather in your seat or walking down the road and always Nathan's vocals are solid and consistent from the first bar to the last in the song, the accompanying music is Nathan and his a female (clearly the love interest in the song) spending a day at the funfair and having a good old time, linking back to the song title evidently, all in all, another solid song from Nathan. Keep up the good work!

You can listen to the sing for yourself below and tell us your thoughts! Is Nathan's new single giving you Good Vibes? Let us know in the comments below!

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