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It's Laura Groeseneken For Belgium 2018

We have not had the official list of participating countries for Eurovision 2018 yet. However, that has not stopped the Belgian broadcaster VRT jumping in very early and deciding that Laura Groeseneken will be the artist to represent them at Lisbon in 2018. She is the first official artist to be chosen, and is now the person that everyone has to beat at next years competition.

She was chosen earlier this evening at around 22:00 CET on the talk show "Van Gils En Gasten ". On the show she was interviewed and asked a range of questions in regards to her up and coming participation for next year. She also sang Portugal's winning song, "Amar Pelos Dois" which was performed in English. She was not alone on stage, having being accompanied by Tom Dice who represented Belgium in 2010 and Eurovision commentator Peter Van De Verie.

Check out her rendition of Salvador Sobral's entry "Amar Pelos Dois" (Love For Both) here:

Although a song has not been chosen yet, she will work on composing it in the up and coming months. This will also be showcased by the broadcaster VRT. Coincidentally this is the first time since Tom Dice back in 2010, that the Belgian broadcaster has decided to select it's artist and song internally. We eagerly await the song, and suspect further good things from Belgium.

The artist herself is 27 years old, and comes from the Flemish area of Leuven. She is generally an all rounder being the keyboardist for the band "Ozark Henry", and has quite an eclectic mix of styles in which she sings. She is a visual merchandiser at IKEA, and carrying on with that theme claims she loves Sweden. Laura admits that she is not a good dancer, and her song is likely to be a nice and touching one. Her first memory of Eurovision is Dana International, and Laura claims to love the winning Eurovision song from 2016 "1944" sung by Jamala.

In the last three years Belgium have placed consecutively in the top 10 bringing some fantastic results. Can Laura emulate this success. Eurovoxx certainly hopes so, and wishes the artist the best of luck next may.

Check out her interview below:

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