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Belgium To Reveal Lisbon Act TONIGHT!

VRT, the broadcaster in charge of the entry and song for Belgium for the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, have announced they are announcing their act for Eurovision tonight!

Yes, it is only September and Eurovision is a distant seven months away but Belgium will be the first country to reveal their entry, VRT announced they were going internal for their singer this year, ditching the typical national final route they have taken in previous years.

So who could it be? Voices on social media have been calling and hoping for it to be one of two acts mostly, firstly Tom Frantzis, who attempted to represent Belgium in 2016, finishing second in the national final with co-written entry "I'm Not Lost" Tom since has been working on his own music again and last released a single back in May, titled "She's Her Own" so has been keeping quiet the last four months silently working on a Eurovision project?

The other name is Emma Bale, who despite being 18 already has a very credible music backlog, busting onto the Belgian music scene in 2015, she scored her first three releases all inside the Belgian Flemish top three radio charts, with her third release "Fortune Cookie" scoring her the top spot, she has since released two more songs "Worth It" and "Curaçao" with the latter being released early this year in June, many are calling on her to represent the country and will keep in sync with Belgium's recent track record of sending young acts, if Emma was to be selected, she would be the fourth selection in a row under the age of 20 years of age for Belgium

Will one of these two singers be Belgium's next Eurovision act?

VRT's last entrant was Laura Tesoro and she placed a very respectable 10th place with her song "What's The Pressure" in Stockholm, Belgium have enjoyed great success as of late in the competition, placing inside the top ten the last three years and two of those years inside the top five, however they also have faced the cruel thought of elimination in their semi finals, being the last country to announced to have qualified in the last three years also.

So, the first act of Eurovision 2018 will be announced tonight, make sure to catch it on the "Van Gils & gasten" show being broadcast around 10pm CET time, and before then let us know who you would like to go for Belgium in the comments below!

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