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JESC 2017 | Serbia will chose their song on September 30th

Serbian Broadcaster RTS have announced that they will chose their entry for Junior Eurovision 2017 on September 30th.

A total of 18 songs were submitted to RTS which were then shortlisted to just 3 by a panel of music editors:

  1. “Šta je svet bez ljubavi” (What Is A World Without Love) - Irina Arsenijevic

  2. “Ceo svet je naš” (The Whole World Is Ours) - Irina Brodić & Jana Paunović

  3. “Ove zvezde smo ti i ja” (These stars are you and me) - Darija Vračević

The final 3 songs will perform on 'Dečjoj Pesmi Evrovizije' on September 30th. The winner will be decided by a jury of music artists.

Serbia first participated in The Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 as Serbia and Montenegro with the song 'Ljubav Pa Fudbal' sung by Filip Vučić. They returned in 2006 with a top 5 finish, this time however, without Montenegro (who made their debut in the 2014 contest). In 2007, they achieved 3rd place with Nevena Božović, who later went on to represent Serbia at Eurovision 2013 as part of the trio 'Moje 3'.

Between 2008 to 2010, they managed another top 3 finish with Sonja Škorić in 2010, before taking a break in 2011. They returned to the contest in 2014 with Emilija Djonin and her song 'Svet u mojim očima', finishing in 10th place. In 2015, they were represented by 11 year old Lena Stamenković and her powerful ballad 'Lenina Pesma'. With her striking and emotive song combined with her strong vocals, she soon became one of the favourites to win the contest. However, on the night itself, she only managed 7th place. Serbia returned a year later with the upbeat 'U La La La', which finished in last place, receiving only 9 points from the kids jury and only 5 points from the adult jury. This is the first time that Serbia has finished in last place in any Eurovision event.

Check out all of Serbia's entries below (minus 2005). Which one is your favourite?

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