NEW SINGLE | Shiri Maimon is back with “Yesh li hakol”

September 22, 2017

Earlier this month, Shiri Maimon released her latest single, 'Yesh li hakol' (I Have Everything). This is her first song to be released in nearly 5 years. 


The song is a very catchy and upbeat pop tune, a far cry from her Eurovision song! With a catchy beat in the verses, she is singing in the talk-singing style, before unleashing her vocal power in the chorus, accompanied by the catchy 'oh-oh's' in the background.


In the song, she sings about man who is surrounded an abundance of opportunities, but decides not to commit himself to any of these opportunities. Instead, he chooses to chase after his freedom. He soon realises however, that despite all the freedom he has, he is all alone.


Eurovision fans might recognise the name of the song's lyricist, Noam Horev, as he wrote the 2010 Israeli entry 'Milim' (Words) sung by Harel Skaat.


Shiri Maimon represented Israel in Eurovision 2005. After sailing through the semi-final, she finished in an impressive 4th place with her song 'Hasheket shenish'ar' (The Silence That Remains), and remains one of Israel's most successful Eurovision acts.


Re-live her Eurovision performance here:






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