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JESC 2017 | Festival da Canção Júnior returns!

Portuguese broadcaster RPT have announced that the Festival da Canção Júnior will be used to chose their entry for Junior Eurovision 2017. The final will take place on October 5th.

Five artists all between the ages of 9-14 have been chosen by RTP to take part in the national final:

  1. Filipa Fereira

  2. Mariana Leite

  3. Margarida Lima

  4. Duarte Valença

  5. Mariana Venâncio

RTP will broadcast 'A Praça', a TV show that will run over 5 days, introducing each of the 5 artists. This show will start on October 25th.

Portugal has only entered the Junior Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions - in 2006 and 2007. Check out their entries below.

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