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NEW SINGLE| Francesco Gabbani Is Back With His New Song Pachidermi E Pappagalli

He was the man that nearly brought Italy their first win in decades, and right up until the very end Francesco Gabbani was bookies favourite to win the Eurovision Contest in Kyiv 2017 with his song, "Occidentali's Karma". He didn't win but still shows no sign of stopping as he has just released his second new single since then. The song “Pachidermi e Papagalli” taken from his new album “Magellano” which is out now, was released earlier today on YouTube and already has a staggering 73,000 hits. Check out his amazing new single here:

In a song that is very different from his philosophical Eurovision entry, “Pachidermi e Papagalli” sees Francesco go very Robinson Crusoe as he sails the seven sea's. This very nautical number is absolutely fantastic. It is his best yet, and an absolutely stunning masterpiece. The song which translates into "Elephants and Parrots" is certainly no white elephant of the room when it comes to songs. The team at Eurovoxx cannot praise this song enough. It has a very summery tune, is very catchy and you cannot help your self singing "Oh My Darling" along with Francesco. It has a nice beat accompanied with Jamaican steel pans whcich really give this song the edge.

Just like his other songs they are quite cryptic in the sense he subtly touches on many themes. The start of the video see's him looking at conspiracy theories. Possibly this is in reference to the "Fake news" that seems to be making the headlines around the world today. Francesco is on a ship, and just like the news he is searching for the truth that will lead him home. He is not alone though. There is no elephant, but he is accompanied by his parrot that makes several appearances.

In the video his complete character and charm is just personified as there is a very playful edge to this video. In fact there is a playful edge to Francesco anyway. You see him sailing the oceans to find the truth. The unkept look suits him, and as hard as it is to believe makes him appear more handsome. He just turned 35 recently, but the voyage in the video seems to have taken years of him.

In the video he also seems to have taken tips from J.K. Rowling as he flies from a flat earth (which is indicative of another theory that some believe is flat) in a car. He flies into space dressed in a suit, and is all smiles and waves when he passes the man on the moon (yet another theory). It is a very cryptic song and an even more cryptic video. The song ends up with him being woken up in a cinema, leaving him and you with the question, "Was it all a dream"?

At Eurovision Francesco Gabbani represented Italy with the song "Occidentali's Karma". The song and album hit the charts at number 1 for many weeks. At the contest itself he came a very respectable 6th scoring 334 points, of which 208 came from the televote whilst 126 came from the professional juries. Although he didn't win, his career and success is massive.

Relive Francesco's Eurovision moment here:

He has won the Sanremo contest twice (which he is the only person to do so), he has ruled out being a singer at the festival for 2018, but hints possibly as a song writer. The team at Eurovoxx would love to see Francesco Gabbani back to avenge his Eurovision result. Tell us what you think about his new song in the comments below:

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