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The Eurovision Cruise 2017

Do you already miss back to the Eurovision Cruise? We do! Hopefully you can relive some of your favorite moments with us in this review of the performances.

So, the annual Eurovision Cruise was arranged by OAGE Finland for the eight time on the 2nd September. 5 former participants performed on the stage at Ocean Club, leaving fans overwhelmed. This year the list of artists was quite impressive, with 2 winners of the contest.

The check-in might have been crowded, but when you enter the ship Europa and start looking for your cabin while Eurovision songs are played in the background you surely get the feeling of something amazing that is about to take place. At 9 pm the show was kicked off by a show of dance and song.

First artist to enter the stage was Norma John (Finland 2017). Leena and Lasse worked their magic, creating the beautiful atmosphere on board. The crowd sang along with their Eurovision song “Black bird”, slowly waved with their arms and enjoyed the melancholic feeling. The duo remained faithful to their style, keeping it simple on stage and deliver their music to the fans.

Next artist was no one else but Ruslana herself, the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2004. She really kicked off the party, making the audience howl and dance with her. Ruslana declared her love for Eurovision, saying she wanted to make a come-back. And who wouldn’t get excited about that?? She was all about the party and the fans whom she encouraged to dance and sing through her performance.

Sunstroke Project (Moldova 2010 & 2017) brought their best up-beat to the club. The fans were excited to hear both their Eurovision songs, but also their other party suiting songs like “Walking in the rain”, “Home” and “Amor”. The club was getting heated, but the crowd just couldn’t get enough of the band and the energy they brought on stage.

Last out for the night was Alexander Rybak, the winner of Eurovision song contest 2009. The ambiance was simply amazing; and the audience sang along with every song he performed. Even when he performed his song “Котик”, which is in Russian, everyone was feeling it. While being surrounded by Eurovision fans, Alexander took the opportunity to show his support to Salvador Sobral, saying that the most important thing about music is feeling.

The following day the cruise did offer one more treat to the fans. On the way back to Helsinki it was time to once again gather to the Ocean Club to hear Koit Toome (Estonia 1998 & 2017) perform. Even if it was 2 pm, the party was ON! And of course, without Laura Verona couldn’t possibly be performed as a duet, but Koit had quite some fans to help him out and made it a great moment to remember.

We simply couldn’t pick a favorite out of these amazing performances. Every one of the artists made the cruise special and it wouldn’t have been the same without any of them. But did you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to check out our accounts on social media!

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