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Naviband Release The Video For The Single Biažy - Бяжы (Run)

Who could forget the Belarussian sweethearts "Naviband" that stole the show and hearts of everyone at this years Eurovision. Belarus who decided to send married couple Artem Lukyanenko and Ksenia Zhuk to Kyiv with the song "Story Of My Life" got everyone moving with their up tempo folk song which was certainly full of energy and fun. Now four months later they are back with the video for their song "Biažy - Бяжы" which means "Run". Posted this morning on their official YouTube channel they have already had several thousand views showing that people are still in love with them. Check the video out below:

This is not a new song, and is actually from the album "Illyumnatsiya" which was released in the January of this year. The video however is new, and Eurovoxx are so happy to review it.

Again, just like their Eurovision entry, it is another Folk song. However, it is very different as it is a softer tune moving at a very slow pace. Unsurprisingly it works and is not boring to listen too. It combines guitars with a very subtle beat and has a haunting back track. Both vocals combine beautifully, and the husband and wife duo seem to be at one when they sing. It is such a beautiful song, and for the longer evenings any Euro fan wanting to listen to something different, would have to chose this track.

The video itself is very "Naviband". It is a very folk type song, but it is also presented like this too. Both Artem and Ksenia seem to be at one with nature. They are wearing traditional clothing which reflects the style of song, which does suit them. It begins with Ksenia in a forestry making a traditional head piece, and then jumps to her and a group of ladies walking through a forestry. The video which is likely to have been shot in Belarus really does sell the country well.

The video contains aerial shots of her in a boat on a peaceful lake. The scenery reflects the song which is stunning. Artem then joins her with another group of people for a ceremony that takes place in the night. They all dance around a fire, with the handsome couple embracing, which does reflect their true love for each other. This is shown in the video. The video ends with everyone stood at a cliff top with an amazing pan out by the camera. The video was produced by "G-Man".

At Eurovision "Naviband" produced the first ever entry to be sung in Belarussian. Their song was very popular and they eased to the Grand Final. There they came a respectable 17th scoring 83 points. The juries awarded them 50 points, whilst the voting public gave them 33 points. Relive "Naviband's" moment here:

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