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HRT Confrms Croatia Presence In Lisbon 2018

Despite reports of ongoing negotiations and back and forth about Croatia's participation in Lisbon, HRT have today announced Croatia will in fact participate and being involved in the 2018 contest. Croatia have not formally announced how the song and/or act will be selected for Lisbon, but since their return to the contest in 2016, on both occasions they have opted for an internal selection, both times bringing them qualification success from the semi finals for Nina Kralijic and Jacques Houdek respectively.

Due to a string of poor results and financial difficulties the Balkan nation took a 3 year break in 2013. Now, with the successful results of the country recently, Croatia have re-engaged with the contest. Eurovoxx are glad the confirmation is confirmed.

Last year Croatia were represented by Jacques Houdek with is up-tempo quirky song, "My Friend". It easily qualified for the Grand Final, where it came a respectable 13th place. It scored 128 points with the majority of those coming from the public televote who gave him 103 of those points, whilst the professional jury awarded 25. Relive Jacques Houdek's moment here:

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