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"Destination Eurovision" to select French entry!!

September 10, 2017


This year the French broadcaster decided to hold a national final. It has been 4 years since the last national final of the French broadcaster, France 3. Though, the result in 2014 was... very bad. Indeed, Twin Twin finished last in Copenhagen, the worst result for the country in the contest.


A few months after the contest in 2017, the French broadcaster surprised everyone by choosing a national final as a selection method. During the past 3 years, internal selections were the traditional way to chose the French entry.


Since the announcement, no more details have been revealed except the rules to be able to take part in that national final. A French website revealed today likely few details about what to expect in that selection.




First of all, the selection will have three shows divided with two semi finals and a final. The semi finals will be prerecorded and the finalists will be chosen by a panel of professional juries. The Finale, will be live and both televoting and professional juries and, as Melodifestivalen, will also feature a panel of international juries to choose the winner.


To host that national final, the famous French Canadian singer Garou, will be involved in the hosting of the three shows. 


About the dates of the national final, we only know that it will be in January, which is a good thing as the other broadcasters are mainly showing their own national finals in February.


Last year, Alma was chosen internally by the French broadcaster. She finished 12th avoiding a potential top 10 in 2017. Her song Requiem was the 26th entry to be performed on stage during the Grand Final. However, the French entries since 2016, showed that France wants to be in the top again. Will it happen in Lisbon with the help of a National Final? 




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Source: Ouest-France.fr, TéléLoisirs


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