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Sergey Lazarev Announces New Tour

It has been well over a year since the whole of Europe and Australia fell for Russian heart throb Sergey Lazarev. This was obvious when he clearly won the televote at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. He may not have won, but he certainly has not stood still. Last week we brought you his new single "Surrender", and this week we bring you details of his new tour for the Spring of 2018.

The "N-Tour" as it has been called has been announced on his Facebook page. It will begin on the 12th April in St Petersburg at the Ice Palace, and on the 19th April he will be performing in Moscow. The picture is from his official Facebook page.

In regards to the tour it is expected that some of his favourite tracks will be sung, however Sergey has promised his fans that there will be new songs, and the performances will never have been seen either. It is also expected that his Moscow show will also feature famous guests. If it is anything like his Eurovision performance, they will be full of energy, and spectacular to the eye.

The "N Tour" will feature his latest hits, and more than likely others from his up and coming album which is due to be released in December. Anyone who is in Russia at the time, and would like to buy tickets, click the link here to buy them.

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