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Jamala Is Back With Her New Single And Video Grieving

There is no doubting that Jamala made a big impact on the Eurovision scene. It has been over a year since her triumphant win, and she has been very busy indeed. Amongst all the tours, and the press interviews she has had chance to make some music. She recently performed her old track "1944" along with her new single "Lured", at the Eurovision 2017. She also released her eagerly anticipated album also entitled "1944". Since then she is back with a brand new video for the song "Grieving". Released by 'Enjoy records' she announced the new video to her single. Check it out below:

It has only been out a day and it has amassed over 15,000 views on YouTube. It goes to show that anything Jamala does lately is Gold and this new track will certainly be going that way. The song is typically Jamala, and those whistle tones are screaming out to be heard. The song itself is very original, but has such a cool, chilled out vibe to it. Generally, what is the norm for her is that you can feel every word of Jamala's songs through her voice, and this song is no different. It certainly is a powerful one, but wouldn't feel out of place on the Ukranina radio charts. It's a cracking little number, that forces you to listen to it again, and again.

The video accompanying the song starts with Jamala wearing a dress, singing into a mic on the beach, which intersperts to shots of her in a camper van. The video and song does tend to have a rather solitude theme to it. Music is also another important theme in the song as she is seen writing music, and playing a guitar. All sorts of emotions are also played out, and you get the impression of grief, and loneliness creeping in. As she is driving, it is almost like she is not only trying to find her destination, but herself. It is a very clever, but lovely song, that is very Jamala. There is no doubting that this will be as successful as her other creations.

At Eurovision, she represented the Ukraine in 2016, and to everyone's surprise won the competiton with her song,"1944", which tended to reflect the past and present ties between Russia and Ukraine. She beat fan favourite Sergey Lazarev and scored 534 points, of which the juries awarded her 211, whilst the public gave her 323. What was interesting is that the new voting system imposed that year meant she won overall, but didn't win the televote nor the jury vote. It is classed as a Eurovision evergreen.

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