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Guy Sebastian Announces His Up Coming Tour

Last week Eurovoxx brought you news of Guy Sebastian's new single "High On Me". We reviewed it, and came to the conclusion that we loved it. Eurovoxx also stated that he would be releasing a new album entitled "Conscious" on the 27th October of this year. Now Australia's first ever Eurovision entrant has announced that to coincide with this he will touring Australia in a series of concerts this November.

On his official Facebook page he states the tour will consist of 6 shows, which will be in the big cities of Australia including Sydney, Adelaid, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle and Perth. The shows will start on the 2nd of November and end on the 11th.

Interviewed by the "Daily Telegraph" of Australia he tells them, "It will be a reasonably stripped-back tour and a bit of a creative set-up, a little bit of electronic triggering but still a pretty rad live band."

We expect his new album to be amazing, after his performance at Eurovision everyone knows that this Guy can sing. If you are in Australia and would like tickets to his show, head over to his official Facebook page here, where the details of buying tickets are there.

Relive Guy's Eurovision moment here:

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