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Spain Confirms Eurovision 2018 Participation

Today it has been confirmed by Spain's National Broadcaster RTVE that Spain will be present in Lisbon in 2018. To the delight of many fans, yet another "Big 5" nation has confirmed it's participation.

So far Spain join France and Germany of the "Big 5" nations to announce their participation for next year. Italy and the United Kingdom have yet too.

It is likely that the Iberian nation will use "Operacion Triunfo" as their method of choosing their representative. The national final has been used several times before, and given Spain a respectable top ten finish on each occasion . Over the years the country has changed it's national final procedure, even resorting to YouTube to get songs to perform in their televised national finals.

Manel Navarro was chosen this year amidst a cloud of controversy where many felt he was favoured by executives over other artists. "Do it For Your Lover" was his song, and unfortunately he did not "Do it For Eurovision" as he polled 0 points with the professional juries, and 5 with the televote. He came last bringing Spain it's worst result in 18 years.

Relive Manel's moment here:

Who would you like to represent Spain in Lisbon? Let us know in the comments below:

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