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NEW SINGLE| Guy Sebastian Is High On Me

We all know Guy Sebastian as the man who made Eurovision history when he became the first Australian to have the honour of competing at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015. Guy proved why they were and should be at the contest, as he brought his up-tempo "Tonight Again" to a brand new audience. In doing so he made himself a whole lot of new fans. Released on YouTube yesterday his new song will undoubtedly bring him many more fans. Check the song out below:

This new song is just as up-tempo and funky as his "Euro" entry, and he can certainly hit those high notes. It is a song that will leave you tapping you feat. It has such a cool, relaxed, up-tempo beat, that it will be a song you will be wanting to repeat on your playlist over and over again. The beauty of this song is that it has a modern feel, yet it has hints of a soulful 70's song that seems to work. It works as it combines all of the above, yet his extremely high pitch is distinctive and bonds the whole thing together. Listen carefully and you may even feel vibes of Maroon 5's song "Sugar" in it.

Guy Sebastian has recently said, " I want to treat each song the way it should be treated.... I just want to write good pop songs". He certainly has done it with his stunning new single. This song will appear and comes just in time for his new album that will be released later this year "Conscious". Keep an eye out for it, Eurovoxx certainly will.

If anyone has recently seen the pictures, Guy has made the headlines lately for a massive transformation in his body. He's lost the dad bod, but gained a ripped one. His music has not suffered at the hands of this though . It is just as amazing. Eurovoxx believes it is better as it seems to have evolved into something more fresh and modern.

At Eurovision Guy was the first ever Australian representative, and in doing so made a massive impact. The country's debut song "Tonight Again", made positioned 5th and scored 196 points, which indeed is not a bad feet considering this nation is on the other side of the world. Relive that moment and check the video out below:

Tell us what you think about his new song in the comments below. "All hail King Sebastian"!

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