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NEW SINGLE | Dima Bilan Is Back With Держи - Derzhi- Hold

It's the first day of Autumn today, but it may as well be called "Russian Day", as another former Russian super star graces us all with his new single.  Which is following in the foot steps of Sergey Lazarev earlier.  The brand new single "Держи" "Derzhi" which translates into " Hold " has been officially released today.   Released by  MOZGI Productions, it is available to buy on iTunes, and view on YouTube.  It hasn't been a day yet, and it already has a staggering 32,000 views.  Check the video out below:

The song has quite a relaxed feel to it, which is reflected in the video.  It has a subtle and distinctive beat, which is infectious.  It is a very easy song to listen to.  Eurovoxx loves this chilled out vibe, maybe showing Dima's more calming side.  The song which translates into "Hold" tells the story of two people. 

Tell me, why do we need those people?

we won't tell anybody about this

Let's relax together together,

the two of us! aha!

Hold! Hold! hold my hand!

tell me what you want! Get! Hold! Aha

Hold! Hold! hold my hand!

tell me what you want! Get! Hold! Aha

The song does not  reiterate "Love", instead Dima is singing the importance of two people, who should do everything together.  "Relax", "Fall asleep" and "Hold my hand".  It is such a refreshing song, with refreshing lyrics to match. 

The video itself is just as good.  It almost seems to have that calming effect to it that the music does.  It shows Dima walking down a busy street with traffic behind him.  He is followed by a lady whom we can only assume is "Derzhi".  It has a somewhat George Michael feel to it.  Please nor offend with his short hair, and beard Dima does seem to look a little like him too.  Through out the song both Dima and the woman dance, and sing together, indicative of the lyrics about two people being together.  We are certain this is going to go down well with his fans, and the fact it has had so many views in such a short space of time is indicative of how popular Dima still is.  Stay tuned for more releases:

At Eurovision Dima is famous for bringing Russia its very first win back in 2008.  His song "Believe" scored 272 points, which was justice for the singer who back in 2008 came third with the song "Never Let You Go".  Check out his winning performance

What do you think of the song?  Tell us in the comments below:

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