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Belarus Confirms Eurovision 2018 Participation

It was announced yesterday by the Bulgarian National Broadcaster BTRC that the eastern nation will be joining the party in Lisbon 2018.

It is not believed that an internal selection will be used to select the countries entry. Instead it is thought that a national final will be used, which was successfully used last year. As of yet no official details have been given though.

Last year Naviband was the country's fourteenth attempt to win the Eurovision crown. The cute couple were present in Kyiv with their song, "Historyja majho žyccia" translated into "Story Of My Life", which did very well. Although there were tears from Ksienija Žuk at the end of the Grand Final, they should be proud that they were the only 5th Belarussian act to qualify for the Grand Final. The last qualification came in 2014.

At the contest the husband and wife duo came 17th with 83 points. Scoring 33 from the public televote, and 50 from the professional juries.

Relive Naviband's moment here:

Who would you like to see Represent Bulgaria? Let us know below:

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